Criminal Law

Criminal Law

When you are faced with criminal charges, the team at The Hobbs Law Firm is ready to assist you. With our experience handling criminal cases, we know how to fight for your rights. We understand the criminal justice system and we will work hard to ensure that you do not face penalties for crimes you have not committed.

If the charges are extensive and you are incarcerated, we will meet with you at the facility to discuss all of your legal options. You have choices when you are facing criminal charges, and it is our goal in York and Dauphin Counties to provide the best criminal legal representation possible. Everyone deserves a fair chance at fighting criminal charges.

If you remain incarcerated because you can’t afford bail, we will provide you information on ways to secure bail or a bail bond, so that you can get out of jail and keep working as you wait for your trial. It isn’t easy when you are accused of a crime, but waiting in jail isn’t going to make your situation easier.

When you need to have solid legal representation because you have been accused of committing a crime in the York County and surrounding areas, we are here to discuss your case with you. We handle all types of criminal cases and we are ready to talk with you about the services we can offer.

To get prepared for your initial consultation, gather any records that you have pertaining to your case. If you have police reports, witness statements, and other evidence, we will go through your documentation so that we can determine how best to proceed.

With The Hobbs Law Firm at the helm, you can relax knowing that you have hired an experienced criminal attorney that can navigate the criminal justice system with ease.