Family Law

Family Law

What is Family Law?

Family law is a legal term used to describe all of the litigation that surrounds the family. Most commonly, Family law is used to reference three specific areas of law. These include: Divorce, Custody, and Support. Please visit our other pages to get greater detail on any of these specific areas.

Beyond the standard divorce proceedings, there are a variety of additional areas within Family Law, with similar legal principles and case law to those in divorce proceedings, which do not rise out of a marital relationship. In this context, Family Law also encompasses circumstances in which non-married parents have a dispute regarding their children, the breakdown of a same-sex relationship occurs, unmarried cohabitants (with joint assets and intertwined finances) separate, and grandparents seek visitation, to name a few.

The realm of possible Family Law matters that may require legal assistance, however, extends even further. A competent Family Law attorney can also help couples in preparing prenuptial, cohabitation and mid-marriage agreements. With regard to additional custodial issues, Family Law encompasses adoption proceedings, paternity disputes, and termination of parental rights. Finally, although often viewed as a criminal matter, Family Law attorneys routinely handle domestic violence disputes that give rise to Protection From Abuse proceedings.

All told, the field of Family Law is quite complex and often has implications outside of its field. Family law issues can lead to tax issues, short and long term financial planning, bankruptcy, estate concerns and, in almost all cases, psychological and emotional well-being. While many competent attorneys focus on specific areas within the all-encompassing field of Family Law, hiring an attorney who is well versed in all of the potential fields of Family Law and the collateral areas of law related to Family law is incredibly valuable. Finding an attorney that is well-rounded with regard to overall knowledge concerning financial and psychological issues can be the difference between obtaining a desired outcome which coincides with your short term and long term goals/needs and obtaining a resolution to your case which will haunt you for years to come.

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