Child support guidelines are established by the court system, but if you are not receiving the child support that you are entitled to, we can help.

Child support is determined using financial information from both parties. If both parents share custody and make similar salaries, child support may not be an issue. If you are the sole custodian of your children, your former spouse will be responsible for paying some type of child support to you.

If you believe that your former spouse has obtained a better job but the new income hasn’t been figured into child support, we can get you back in court to get a new child support order. When income increases, child support agreements are generally revised to reflect the new income status.

If your former spouse is working but refusing to pay child support, you have options. We can assist you in contacting the Department of Revenue so that you can get your child support payments through wage garnishments, paid to you through the Department. When you have a child support order, you are entitled to receive the payments so that you can care for your child.

If you have been ordered to pay child support, yet you don’t agree with the terms, we can discuss your case with you. If you believe your former spouse is hiding income or hasn’t reported correctly to the courts, we can work this out. You should never have to pay more child support than the guidelines indicate.

If you live in York or Dauphin County or the surrounding area, we can help you establish a child support arrangement that is fair and equitable for both you and your former spouse. With experience on our side, we are here to help you determine the right child support through following the guidelines that are set up.